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Everything around the world is constantly changing within no time. We have all experienced the change in our life’s at some stage or the other that is imprinted in our minds forever. Have you ever come across a bizarre scenario that has impacted your life drastically and made you a better person? Well we all have! Delta here is the very change which is inevitable, that makes us build our lives in a more crisp manner, influences us and gets us closer to our dreams or makes us regret at some point in our life. There is nothing that can be denied. But in the end the change has brought in the happiness around and made us feel alive.

“It scares you when you start, But you know this is the only path. Delta, will bring in the change around, To enrich your joy like a merry-go-round.”

Quintessence Of Being - August 12th 2018

Stay tuned for updates on our second Salon on Quintessence of Being in August. Meet new speakers and revisit ones you have already met, this will be a fun filled day.

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