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TEDxSarjapuraRoad is an independent organizer under TED- Ideas worth sharing. TED talks are the most sought after shows that have gained immense popularity globally. The speakers share experiences and ideas that have changed their live vis-à-vis changing millions of others.

TEDx Salon events are niche events with exclusive speakers who are chosen as per a certain theme.

TEDxSarjapuraRoad conducts Salon events giving it the edge that speakers require.

Quintessence Of Being
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The definition of life is a variable factor and identifying the ‘Quintessence of Being’ has been challenging.

During our quest for a comprehensive answer for this, we spoke to a number of people. We heard myriad answers that each of them had and how they defined it. If one defined it to be joy, the other defined it to be earth, someone else said it was the 5 elements [ pancha maha bhootas] of the earth.

While for most of us it is materialistic, for some-staying alive in itself the ‘Quintessence of Being’.

Living and not breathing is the ‘Quintessence of being’, being yourself and yet staying alive is the ‘Quintessence of being’.

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been”- George Elliot. Be yourself, be Alive, every day is a delightful gift and that’s the ‘Quintessence of being’!

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