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TEDxSarjapura is an independently organized event under TED- Ideas worth sharing. TED talks are the most sought-after shows that have gained immense popularity globally. The speakers share experiences and ideas that have changed their lives vis-à-vis changing millions of others.

TEDxSarjapura is a confluence of the greatest minds buzzing with ideas and innovation. Collective experiences transform into path-breaking efforts to make TEDxSarjapura an event filled with zeal and enigmatic speakers!

Quintessence Of Being

The myriad hues of emotions, passions, focus, directions
Their many facets of life and meanings attached to it…
We call it “Quintessence of Being”.
Each to his own: perceptions & ideologies
The crux of life defined & redefined.
And that is the “Quintessence of being”.

We are heroes of those thoughts.
The thoughts that impact lives,
Ours and others.

Heroes do not come with an agenda,
They do not need the limelight,
They are because their heart says so,
And because their gut urges them to.

We are here in a world of oxymorons,
Heroes are born out of the tresses and troughs.
They are born out of their own will to do
And to be there for those in need.
And that is the “Quintessence of Being”!

“It’s never too late to be who you might have been”- George Elliot.
Be yourself, be Alive!
Every day is a delightful gift,
And that is the ‘Quintessence of being’!

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We work with like-minded partners and sponsors who share the same vision of creating a space to conduct meaningful conversation and share ideas worth spreading. If you'd like to collaborate with TEDxSarjapuraRoad, please reach out to us at info@tedxsarjapuraroad.com

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