Where do you stand on the scale between technomania and nostalgia for the lost world ?

MAY 26th, 2018 / Bangalore


From inventing wheels to now helping us document every possible note we read, speak or listen, technology has evolved to a great extent. Every time a machine is produced with a smart idea, human activities get smarter. In this constant progressive era of technology, what do you think the tomorrow of technology will look like? Will the robotic world be at par of humans or instead overtake us?

We know the machines that can think, learn and adapt are almost here, considerably replacing humans in many activities. How far is the future where the machines will significantly replace humans? What should we do about it, can we do anything about it? TedxSarjapuraroadSalon envisions to provide a platform to all the thinkers, doers and influencers, to enlighten the community about the future of technology and provide solutions to conundrums of this fast-pace progress.

Do we have an alternative path? Is the horizon of technology clear to us? Or are we in a technology bubble which that is at the brink to burst?


ALOFT Bengaluru
Cessna Business Park


May 26th, 2018

Speaker Insight


Rakshit Kejriwal

Rakshit Kejriwal is a young and dynamic entrepreneur, who is very vocal about startups in India. His expertise in raising capital for startups and mergers have helped him scale great heights in the industry.

Speaking on the effects of Artificial Intelligence that has taken over the world, he goes on to reiterates that this change shall wipe out a lot of jobs, with "robots being the new middle class". Our workplaces shall change, mundane jobs shall be automated but we shall survive as humans, with jobs that innately need us to be human instead of robots doing jobs, functions.

He stresses on the point: To survive in this hyper intelligent, data driven world, we need to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, be adaptable and tap into the opportunities that arise from AI era.

We are humans and we shall survive and thrive in the AI era too.


Niti Kumar

Media & Communication connoisseur, a communication strategist, qualified and experienced Media planner, she has to her credit diverse national and international brands.

Talking on the raging debate of the influences of AI; today we are sure that we cannot escape how AI has made our jobs easier and at time obsolete. But this does not mean the end of the world as we can adapt and make the changes to survive. As a media planner, her job too may change with AI, but it also opens up new ideas and avenues such as Attention based marketing, memory curators, Privacy consultants.

We need to embrace the collaboration aspects of work and change the present day educational processes to stay relevant for tomorrow. AI may change the way we do things but it certainly is a push that can jolt a few, but as humans we will learn to evolve.


Anang Tadar

Anang Tadar, currently a student innovator from Arunachal Pradesh. His idea G4B, Goggles for the Blind has won him various laurels and awards at the national level.

Driven by curiosity, his passion for building things and learning hands on, gave birth to his journey as an innovator.

He demystifies the word Innovation; innovation need not be a path breaking discovery that has never been done before but something simple and effective, that can solve a problem can easily be Innovation.

The hippo roller, the height adjustable walker and his own idea of G4B makes the list of simple thoughts that can change the world. His G4B based on the principle similar to echo location used by blind bats, can help the blind navigate better.

He urges us to think and innovate and remember to have patience whilst pursuing our passion.


Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

Ganesh Yaagneshwaran, a marketing enthusiast, an author of several books on marketing, also being among the top 100 Global Martech Influencers; speaks on the most happening topic in town.

Will Artificial Intelligence take away our jobs? He goes on to indulge this discussion, with an interesting tidbit 1.8 million jobs that are mundane and repetitive will get cut but 2.3 million new jobs will arise. He emphasizes that the debate of “humans vs machines” should be turned to “Humans with machines.” AI shall open up a whole new avenue of lean and effective business strategies that can change the way we work.

AI could revolutionize businesses with personalized experiences based on our online preferences, it is absolutely imperative to control access to personal data with laws in effect to that.

AI as a dynamic is here, it is best to embrace it and control it, rather than resist it.