A set of like-minded people who aim to make communities a better place by establishing a change. TEDx Speakers are a collection of influential, executors and benefactors.


Rakshit Kejriwal

An accomplished entrepreneur, he has been building and scaling entrepreneurial ventures with his acquired knowledge and experiences and aims in catering the start-up culture to the young generation.

Niti Kumar

Niti Kumar is a media connoisseur and successful front-woman managing established brands

Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

He is among the top 100 global martech influencers, author of 5 books, a speaker on global forums, a columnist and an active member of the startup ecosystem.

Anang Tadar

The teenager who invented a gadget called Goggles for Blind based on echolocation

DELTA - 20th August, 2017

Jo Aggarwal

Shubh Mukherjee

Manisha Bhatia

Dheeraj Mehrotra

Mayank Solanki

Bryan Ernest

Pallavi Narvekar

Franklin Joseph

Krishna Rao Jaisim